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School History

Birmingham Baptist Bible College had its origin in 1904 at the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church. Dr. C. O. Boothe and Dr. W. R. Pettiford conducted Bible classes. The main purpose of the school was to provide church leadership.

After a few years, East Thomas became the site for two years, at which time an organization was effected. This organization became real when the Mount Pilgrim, Jefferson County and Bethlehem – Blount Springs Associations gave up their schools to concentrate on opening a single school. To make the matter legal, a lawyer was sought by representatives of the organization to draw up a charter. After all legal matters were transacted, the organization became known as the Colored Baptist Educational Association of the Birmingham District.

The Location of the Institution was the next big problem. Dr. J. W. Goodgame Sr. led a group to find a location. The present site was chosen and accepted. Dr. James Henry Eason became the first President. His administration began in 1917 and ended in 1924. Dr. F. L. Sanders, the second President, served from 1925-27. Dr. W. A. Davis was the third President of the school, he served from 1928-30. At the end of his administration the school closed for lack of funds.

When the school closed, Dr. T. D. Bussey was elected as Field Secretary, with the responsibility of collecting funds to pay off the mortgage indebtedness and teachers salaries. In 1936 the mortgage was paid and arrangements were made to settle teachers’ salaries. The school was then leased to the County Board of Education for the Operation of a County High School. In the meantime, Dr. J. H. Wrenn and Dr. Bussey conducted classes at Sixteenth Street Baptist Church and Sixth Avenue Baptist Church. In 1939, Dr. J. H. Wrenn became the President of the college with Dr. T. D. Bussey assisting him. In 1947, Dr. T. D. Bussey became President of the college. Under his administration much progress was made including the erection of the three modern buildings which now occupy the campus following a fire which demolished the administration building December 1, 1970.

In 1972, Dr. Wilson Fallin Jr. became president, under his administration two new buildings were completed and furnished. The name of the school was changed to Birmingham Baptist Bible College and the student body grew to approximately 300 students. Two additional buildings were erected, an office extension building and a credit union building. In 1982 President Fallin left to become President of Selma University. Dr. George Cook served for one year. Dr. C. J. McNear served as interim President for approximately two years. In 1986, Dr. Fallin returned to assume the presidency. In 1987 the Mortgage on the campus were liquidated. In 1994 the college merged with Easonian Baptist Seminary and became Birmingham- Easonian Baptist Bible College. Dr. Fallin continues to serve in the capacity as President.

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