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Entrance Requirements

Persons entering the pastor’s, Christian education, and theology programs must be graduates of an approved high school, or have passed the GED examination. Realizing that many students, who desire to enter these programs, but do not have the educational qualifications, the college accepts students who have passed the GED examination. After passing the GED examination students are allowed to enroll.

Fees and Tuition

Registration Fee-To be paid once at time of application (non-refundable) $25.00
Tuition Fees- $125 per 3hr. class.

All tuitions are to be paid in full by mid-semester or mid-term exams will not be administered and student will not be allowed to finish semester.

Distance Education courses, courses taken at one of the extension campuses, are charged at the same per hour rate as the main campus, have the same credit, and the fee must be fully paid before materials will be given to the student.

NOTE: Course grades, degrees, and transcripts will not be issued until financial and any other obligations (including Library fines) of the student are met. No student may enroll for a class until all financial obligations from previous semester are paid.
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