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The Birmingham Easonian Baptist Bible College standard of conduct is that which may be expected of persons attending a church related institution. Dishonesty, gambling, drinking, profanity, or any form of disorderly conduct will not be tolerated. Any student violating the rules of good conduct and good citizenship and whose attitude is contrary to the principles of this institution will be subject to discipline and may be asked to withdraw.

Dismissal and Grievance Policy

The college reserves the right to exclude any student at anytime if his conduct or academic performance and standing are regarded by the college as undesirable, and without assigning any further reasons therefore. All action by the college shall be done in a timely and adequate manner, in written form sent to the student’s most current address on file at the college and a second copy placed permanently in the student’s file. It is understood and agreed that the college, or any of its officers, or faculty shall not be liable in any way whatsoever for such exclusion.

 If a student feels that he has been unjustifiably dismissed he may protest in writing to the academic dean who will then assemble the school’s grievance committee who shall hear the protest and rule upon it. If the accused person is not satisfied with the verdict of the dean and grievance committee, he may appeal to the president of the institution who shall be the final authority within the framework of the College. The complete and exhaustive grievance policy spelling out all detains in the grievance procedure is found in the dean’s office and is available upon request by any aggrieved student.

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