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Bible Certificate


This course is designed for clergy and laypersons in churches who desire to understand more fully the bible, methods of Bible Study and spiritual grounding for the major doctrine of the faith.


Some flexibility in the schedule of recommended courses may be permitted, depending upon scheduling possibilities.


A certificate of recognition is awarded upon the successful completion of 30 semester hours.

Recommended Course of Study

First Year Fall Semester

Hrs                 Course

3                     OT 101 Old Testament

3                     BS 101 Bible Study Methods

3                     PS 101 Missions

3                     NT 201 Life of Jesus

3                     TH 301 Bible Doctrine

        15 Total Credit Hours

  Spring Semester

Hrs                 Course

3                     NT 102 New Testament

3                     BS 102 Bible Study Methods

3                     PS 102 Evangelism

3                     NT 202 Life of Paul

3                     TH 302 Bible Doctrine

        15 Total Credit Hours

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