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The purpose of the educational programs at Birmingham Easonian Bible Baptist College are to train men and women for life and service as dedicated Christian leaders. Thus, all programs are structured toward preparation in the several areas of Christian ministries with the following objectives:

1. To help the student come to an effective and an increasing dedication to Jesus Christ and to a clear sense of command and calling in Christian service.

2. To guide the student into a thorough and balanced knowledge of the Bible, the Christian faith, himself or herself, his fellowman and the world around them.

3. To help the student develop abilities in research and critical thinking in regard to the integration of biblical truth with human knowledge, learning and experience, and in the development of a Christian world view.

4. To guide the student toward a recognition and an appreciation of Biblical values and responsibilities as God-given and imperative.

5. To help the student develop into a well-rounded Christian person mentally, physically, and socially (Luke 2:52).

6. To provide programs of training in the skills necessary for the competent and effective communication of Biblical truth, in both oral and written form, necessary for the various fields of church-related vocations, and for lay services in the church, all in relation to the fulfillment of the Great Commission ( Matthew 28:18-20).

We look forward to being there every step of the way as God educates, motivates, and inspires you to increase in Stewardship, Leadership, & Understanding.

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